IC System Core Valued and Compliant

IC System, since its small beginnings in 1938, have always kept a set of course values at its center (Bloomberg). Core values are important for carrying out the vision and standards which are set by a company. Ruth and Jack Erickson sought to imbue IC System with values that would last. One core value that drives IC System today are treating people with respect an letting others know they are important. Core values set a company’s vision and that is why integrity is so vital to IC System. Integrity is knowing you are doing the right thing for others. Along with people and integrity, IC System puts those core values into effect by its performance. IC System wants to be known as a portfolio recovery business that provides results for its clients while dealing honestly and ethically with all involved. IC System is proud to do what it does every day for its clients. Lastly, just as the Ruth and Jack were the first portfolio company to use computers so today IC System is a company of innovation and is always looking to the future in finding better ways to carry out its service for its clients.

IC System lives by its core values and when a worker witnesses these values to others in their work their fellow workers are encouraged to nominate that worker for its coveted Core Value Award, which is given to an IC System employee every quarter.

While IC System wants to always keeps its core values it always keeps these core values as real as the clients and people it works with on a daily basis. IC System still finds the “ethical, honest service” which Ruth and Jack Erickson established in 1938 as vital today as it was then.

IC System is bonded and licensed to work in all 50 states to better serve its clients and in recovering the multiple needs of the portfolios it serves for its clients.


Jeff Aronin – A New Approach

Paragon Biosciences is a life-science company located in Chicago, IL. Jeff Aronin has been the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences since 2010. Aronin co-founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2000. After selling the company in 2009 for $900 million, Lundbeck asked Jeff to continue serving in his position as chairman during the transition.

Before he founded Paragon, Jeff met with a physician who had a dilemma about how to treat a child who dealt with seizures. He had two choices. He had to decide whether to perform the surgical procedure or treat the patient with medicine. That doctor chose to use medicine. The symptoms drastically improved and the child did not have to endure surgery. When he witnessed that event, it convinced Mr. Aronin a “medication first” treatment approach could be the answer for many ailments, where people suffered without hope.

Paragon collaborates with health providers and gathers data about illnesses that do not typically receive research attention or funding. Paragon focuses on identifying the diseases that lack treatment options. Their research team investigates the source of the ailment then uses the data to help them discover which therapy hasn’t been attempted. This helps them generate alternatives that could lead to better results. Over the past 10 years, 13 of the medications they manufactured have been approved by the FDA. Although they are pleased with the results, they are not satisfied by them. The Paragon family companies Jeff Aronin co-founded are Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Harmony leads research that is seeking breakthroughs for narcolepsy and cataplexy because they focus on disorders of the central nervous system. Castle Creek concentrates on rare genetic dermatological disorders like epidermolysis bullosa simplex.

In addition to Paragon’s impact in medical research and collaborations with physicians, Jeff personally donates to various organizations committed to patient improvement such as Diabetes Research Foundation and Pharmacological Treatment of Epilepsy, among others. Jeff also supports multiple agencies that are dedicated to change through education both locally and globally. Charities included on this list are Teaching Tolerance, U.S. Holocaust Museum, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago and many more.



Fearing For The Future On the Brink Of A Trade War: Stansberry Research and Trump’s Impending Tariffs

Justin Brill’s “The U.S. Inches Closer to War” is a political piece within the Stansberry Digest which applies an analysis of the United States relationship with China and Japan–and the impending tariff and ultimate trade war–that could wreak havoc on the United States economy in the years to come. As apart of Stansberry Research’s commitment to ongoing independent research, Brill begins the article by centering on Japan’s rising stock market, as well as the increasing value of the yen. Additionally, Brill mentions Steve Sjuggerud’s thesis that the Japanese president has no intention of overshooting the 2% inflation, and that now, more than ever, it is time to invest in Japanese stocks.



Finally, Brill goes on in the article to comment on President Trump’s announcement to potentially impose steel and aluminum import tariffs. Brill mentions that this could spell danger for the U.S. consumers and business owners if it came to fruition. When and if the tariffs pass, only a fraction of the American population would benefit, while the majority of us would have to either pay more for consumer prices or ultimately lose jobs due to loss of earnings. Brill’s article is an engaging work about the U.S. economy and its future in Trump’s presidency. Moreover, the site that it is featured on “Stansberry Research,” is an independent investment research firm writing both opinion pieces about the financial state in the U.S. and its economic climate, and newsletters by financial advisors. Stansberry Research, based in Baltimore, Maryland, features writers from all over, who are writing not only about the economy but about healthcare, oil, mining, biotechnology, and even natural resources. In addition to Stansberry Research’s several pieces, company founder Frank Porter Stansberry has written several opinion pieces about controversial issue ranging from the European financial panic to the auto bailout, all of which seem centered on improving the public morale: leading to a brighter tomorrow and a hope for a more stable state of the union. Overall, Stansberry Research hosts a myriad of independent works about the state of the U.S and its future, as well as its potential to grow and expand within the context of a rapidly changing political and economic climate, both hear and abroad.


Perry Mandera, Man of Commendable Charity, Success and Character

In a world of millions of philanthropic and community oriented entrepreneurs, Perry Mandera is deserving of a cape and a special badge of honor to call his own.

The community driven business man owns and runs a full service transportation company named Customs cares founded in 1986. Perry Mandera is a guru the transportation field and has worked decently and savvy enough to be named the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” in 2000. Fast forward 18 years later till today and one will find Perry Mandera is still knocking the ball out the park in the transportation industry. Custom cares has exceeded over 2,000,000 in sales while serving small family business to billion dollar corporations in Chicago Illinois and the wider USA. The company provides (talk about services)

It is no surprise his passion for serving people as he has also served his country as a former Marine Corps. His generosity never stopped since after he was honorably discharged around 1980. Since then he has contributed to society and many charitable organizations in meaningful ways. His efforts have touched youth organizations, veterans and cancer patients.

Perry Mandera has been mentioned to “transport hope and ship goodwill’ by sources as Customs Care Charity has provided for tornado victims relief in Washington, Illinois and hurricane victims in Louisiana, Mississippi after massive hurricane Katrina wiped out families and their homes. Perry has caused the 501(c) (3) charity to be a candle of hope for thousands of citizens in the state of Illinois. Customs Cares charity has provided approaching ten thousand coats during the winter season and donated tens of thousands of dollars to give hope to individuals.

Customs Cares Charity was founded as an extension of Perry Mandera character. The transport guru has many honorable mentions to his name. in 1984 he obtained Republican Ward Committeeman . More recent in 2011 to 2013, he was recognized as ISCC Citizen of the Year and received the President’s Award from the Chicago Illinois Crime Commission. He has a commendable history of accomplishments. Likewise, Customs Care Charity’s passionate objective to give back to society and its endeavors are equally notable.


Glen Wakeman on Succeeding in Business and Life

Currently, Glen Wakeman is the serving chief executive officer of a company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The SAAS Company specializes in planning more natural and intuitive startups for businesses. All too often, this company works with experts to reduce the odds of failure in startups. This has always been achievable by assisting clients to structure particular ideas that are not only good but also competent in various fields of business. Moreover, LaunchPad Holdings LLC works hard to sieve out bad ideas from the good ones.


Work Experience

Glen Wakeman has been instrumental in building some of the industry’s best startups. But just how did the journey begin for him? Well, before he established LaunchPad Holdings LLC, he was a committed leader at various senior positions. Consequently, he managed to garner extensive managerial skills from different departments. While working in these companies as well, Glen Wakeman dedicated most of his time to collect relevant information on management, finance, and the best structures to control businesses.



Like life would put it on him, Glen Wakeman was required to invest in education to be relevant in the world of economic developers. Consequently, he attended school in different institutions including the University of Scranton where he majored in economics then expounded to finance. Later on, Glen Wakeman attended the Chicago University for an MBA. Here, he majored in finance as well. Among the companies he worked for after college include GE Capital with the most memorable one being Nova Flour.



For the number of years Glen Wakeman worked in those companies, he gained extensive skills in different fields including market strategy, capital raising, strategy, angel financing, administration, business development and financing. So far, he has been able to apply the same skills to the businesses he later managed.


Mentoring Startups

Interestingly, Glen Wakeman is not only an entrepreneur. That is why he mentors young business professionals who aspire to become future business leaders. With his wealth of knowledge, he invents in ideas to assist startups to get through the challenges thrown to them in the industry. Glen Wakeman focuses his training on the following key areas:

  • Risk management
  • Leadership
  • Business management
  • Project management
  • Human capital and resources


Graham Edwards: Powerful, Generous CEO to Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards holds the distinguished position of CEO of Telereal Trillium, the largest privately held property business in the United Kingdom. He gained this position in 2001 with Telereal prior to the merger of 2009 when two major players in the industry (Telereal and Trillium) came together. His educational background includes graduation from both King’s College London and the University of Cambridge. Before landing his current position at Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards held positions at Merrill Lynch, and the BT Group Plc’s property department, as well as holding the position of Chief Investment Officer at Talisman Global Asset Management (En.wikipedia).

The story of growth and evolution for this noteworthy merger started as an approach from CEO of Telereal at the time, Graham Edwards, to chief executive of Trillium, Ian Ellis. Graham Edwards personally led the acquisition of Trillium and fashioned a substantial amount of weight in the property market. Graham Edwards transitioned into the position of CEO over Telereal Trillium and Ian Ellis currently holds the position of non-executive director in the partnership. This is not the only significant growth that Graham Edwards has overseen. In 2007 he deftly oversaw the deal by Telereal to purchase property held by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The transaction involved a sale and lease-back transaction and in due course resulted in the purchase of a very significant property deal.

The company’s philanthropic efforts are well acknowledged. Graham Edwards is proud to oversee the Donation Matching Scheme of the company which has supported 103 unique UK registered charities. The company program enables employees to monetarily support the charitable organization of their choice with company matching up to a capped amount. Edwards reports that assessments of company employees express that the vast majority feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment related to the work done by Telereal Trillium.


Dr. Johanan Rand, MD Focuses on Healthy Aging With BHRT

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is much better known and understood these days, but still not used as much as the ubiquitous synthetic hormone replacement (HRT) for decreased estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Dr. Johanan Rand, of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, based in West Orange, New Jersey, is a leader in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement and is working hard to change that through education (Northnewjerseyhcg).

In women’s healthcare, Peri-Menopause and Menopause are significant because the decrease in Estrogen and Progesterone lead to hormonal imbalance, making the body vulnerable to various diseases. These include heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, breast cancer, and uterine cancer. Dr. Johanan Rand has reviewed worldwide studies which prove that when estrogen and progesterone are in balance, women are protected from many diseases associated with aging. Post-menopausal women who follow the protocol of Dr. Johanan Rand in using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy feel better and remain healthier far longer than their counterparts who don’t use BHRT (https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/dr-dov-rand-rare-therapies/). Evidently, we age because our hormones decline rather than our hormones declining because of our chronological age.

As Dr. Johanan Rand teaches his patients, our bodies don’t recognize synthetic hormones, and thus the prevention of the previously mentioned diseases, as well as loss of skin tone, sagging breasts, and loss of libido is not in evidence, as is the case with bio-identical hormones. Additionally, bio-identical hormones don’t produce the side effects associated with the synthetic ones — side effects such as blood clots, heart attacks and strokes, depression, bloating, and breast tenderness.

After thorough evaluation of blood work and consultation with the patient, Dr. Johanan Rand customizes a program for each patient, replacing/balancing all hormone levels to their optimum with BHRT, restoring the energy and well-being enjoyed in earlier years and aiding in the prevention of diseases. Dr. Johanan Rand also customizes nutrition and supplement programs, as well as effective fitness routines, where needed.

Dr. Johanan Rand doesn’t discriminate at his facility, and treats men with BHRT to address the decrease in testosterone along with an increase in estrogen, which is linked to hypertension, obesity and increased risk of heart disease.


Dr. Jorge Moll Provides Great Insight into Past Study

One of the biggest focuses that any religious organization has is that it should focus on giving back to the community whenever it can. While it is always a good thing to do good for others, the religious communities also believe that it can be very beneficial for the givers as it can help them to feel great. While this has been a long-standing belief for those with religious faith, it also may now be confirmed by science.

During a study completed by Jorge Moll and a variety of other doctor and scientists, it would concluded that doing good for others has an impact on the brain as well. During a long study, Dr. Jorge Moll concluded that there is evidence that the brain reacts in a certain way when someone does a good deed for other people. The selfless deed with then cause some form of chemical reaction in the brain that can help to make someone happier.

This was not the first time that Dr. Moll’s study has come to this same conclusion. During a study completed a few years ago by scientists in California, it was concluded that there is a certain area of the brain that impacts how the body and emotions feel after giving to the community or the needy. This study focused on individuals that had a certain brain injury. It was determined that those that were injured in certain areas of the brain were less likely to feel remorse and guilt or feel happy when giving to other people.

While the science and religious communities may not always agree on the best approach to life and often have contradicting opinions on matters, it appears that they are in agreement on this subject (Interview). Both sides have come to the conclusion that doing good for other people will make them feel better.

Why Daniel Taub’s Rise To The Top Of The Diplomatic World Was A Steady One

Having a positive attitude plays a very big role in helping people achieve great things in life. When coupled with mental energy, positive attitude can take someone to places never imagined. In the diplomatic world, one is never really sure of what to expect the next minute and for that specific reason, one needs preparedness and being alert at all times.

Daniel Taub has been for a couple of years involved in deep diplomatic matters of the Israeli nation. He has served as diplomat and public servant in different capacities. Therefore, he has a very good experience when matters involved with solving different issues are concerned.

Daniel was born in the United Kingdom and went to school in the same country up to university level and graduated with a law degree. He was at that young age a very outgoing individual and thought that Israel was in a much better stage when matters compared to offering him with a more interesting and intriguing career were concerned.

He went to Israel and when in the search for a job, got one as a field medical officer in the combat department of the country’s army. As much as the job description was fairly new to him, he was expected to perform and he did not disappoint.

In the same capacity as a medic, he was lucky to get a job as a junior legal officer in the army owing to his credentials in law. On this one, he was effortlessly good and within no time, he was offered another even better job as the head speechwriter in the country’s army. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Daniel never ceased to amaze his employers with his precision to details and hard work. While working at the president’s office, he was approached by the Foreign Ministry with a legal officer’s position offer and accepted it.

This would mark the beginning of his long and rather interesting career in the diplomatic world that has taken him to many places in different capacities. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Taub and http://about.me/dtaub

In the year 2011, he was offered with an offer to become the Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom and gladly accepted it.

In this new role, he was responsible for making sure that both countries improved on their ties and that on the international front and especially on the West, Israel was perceived as a better partner in matters international relations and business. Daniel Taub is also an acclaimed author and distinguished public speaker.

Dr. Mark Holterman: A Life of Serving Children

The life and career of Dr. Mark Holterman shows his love for children. He attained a degree in biology at Yale University and later pursued a PhD and MD at University of Virginia. This is the point where he chose pediatric surgery. Holterman did his residency and began a career of serving children. At one point, Holterman was a chief surgeon at Advocate Christ Children Hospital. He was also an attending surgeon at Rush Medical Center (http://peoria.medicine.uic.edu/departments/surgery/surgery-faculty/name/mark-holterman/).

Holterman has also worked in Children’s Hospital of Illinois and St. Francis Medical Center. Apart from treating children, Holterman is part of organizations for surgeons and pediatrics. He is part of American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics. A career in medicine is always accompanied with a zeal for research.

Medicine is evolving rapidly because doctors and scientists are studying and researching various areas in medicine. Dr. Holterman is no exception. His areas of research are cell therapy, obesity, cancer treatments and regenerative medicine. He hopes to get a breakthrough in these areas.

Holterman is an individual who likes giving to the community. His particular interest is in Diabetes, especially among teenagers. Holterman joined the American Diabetes Association. The entity has made efforts to ensure that effects of diabetes are minimal and under control.

Holterman paid more attention to diabetes among teenager because of the alarming statistics. Type 2 diabetes seems to affect teenagers more than any other kind of diabetes. The organization is sensitizing a healthy diet for teenagers and ideal lifestyle habits. In addition to the work he is doing in the association, Holterman has other community services. He is working with an organization that cares for Vietnamese children. It is a foundation that offers charity to these needy children.

Holterman’s work and contribution to the medical field is impacting people positively. He believes that other young doctors need mentorship. He would like them to learn top skills of healthcare delivery. This is why he is a teacher to pass on knowledge and skills. Theoretical learning is different from practically doing what one learnt. Teaching also made Holterman discover some things that are helpful to him and his research.