Kim Dao’s Top 10 Japan Travel Tips

Beaty and Lifestyle Youtuber, Kim Dao provides her audience with her Top 10 Travel Tips in her video 10 Japan Travel Hacks You Need To Know ( If you plan on making a trip to Japan, maybe after falling in love with the country from watching Kim Dao’s videos, then take the time to watch Kim Dao’s 10 Japan Travel Hacks You Need To Know.

Kim Dao’s first tip is to have wifi with you wherever you go through the use of Pocket wifi or a SIM card. Although Japan is an electronically advanced country they don’t have as much free wifi as you would expect. Tip number two: get a JR Pass for unlimited travel on JR trains for the week. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling by train then the pass will save you a lot of money. Tip three: plan your trip with Odigo ( Tip number four: train apps to clear confusion and make travel easier. Tip number five: get a train card so you don’t have to buy tickets. Tip number six: withdrawal money, Japan operates mainly on cash. Tip number seven: bring power board to charge electronics. Tip number eight: get a car. Tip number nine: heat packs to keep you warm in the winter. Kim Dao’s final tip: take a photo of the landmark you are going to. Photo makes it easier for locals to help you reach your desired destination. Learn more: