Success Academy Students are Outscoring Others

The Success Academy runs a network of charter schools in New York City that is shocking the educational world with their accomplishments.


A few years ago, just 29 percent of New York City school students tested as proficient in English on the Common Core exams the state gives all its students. Just 35 percent of New York City’s students earned a proficient rating in Math.


But the numbers for Success Academy students were quite higher. 64 percent of them were proficient in English and 94 percent were proficient in Math.


However, almost all Success Academy students are low-income, and racial and ethnic minorities. Many are immigrants. Yet they outperformed students in New York City’s wealthiest districts. An article in Education Next takes an in-depth look at why Success Academies produce such outstanding results.


For one thing, students absorb content. Every small child plays with blocks in kindergarten. But Success Academy has a plan for learning along with blocks. Children work in groups and design small buildings. They have books with pictures of grand buildings to emulate.


And Success Academy continues this emphasis on content. They encourage students to read a lot, to write a lot and to discuss their ideas logically a lot. That builds their proficiency in the English language, but the books they read also fill their fund of general knowledge about the world.


Most public schools in New York City don’t teach science until the middle grades. But Success Academy students get at least one hour of experiment-based science per day beginning in kindergarten. 100% of their fourth and eighth graders passed the state’s science proficiency tests, 99% with an advanced score.


They do prepare their students for the test, because their results have a great influence on their educational opportunities and, therefore, the rest of their lives. It builds their English skills by using the language to absorb everything else they are taught. They developed their own procedures for teaching math, and it is closely aligned with the Common Core tests.


Success Academy spends a lot of time, money and effort training its teachers. Also, they put in ten to twelve hour days. Besides teaching, grading and preparing they spend a lot of time meeting with parents.


Bruce Bent II Utilizing the Past to Succeed in the Financial Sector

The Bent family has come a long way in order to secure a hard-earned legacy within the financial management field. Bruce Brent II had successfully crafted his own path to success through the guidance of his father, Bruce Brent. Their time working with financial management companies have allowed Brent II to go on to prosperously lead companies such as Hallmark and Double Rock have elevated Brent to massive amounts of success that would ultimately define his entire career. The legacy of the Brent family has gone on to impact the fiscal sector ever since Bruce Brent created the first money market fun in 1970 and established himself as a major player within the financial management industry.

Success with Hallmark
According to Wikipedia, under Hallmark Trust, Bruce Brent would be elevated to the position of co-Creative Officer, a position in which he would thus be able to lead one of the country’s largest financial trust management companies. Headquartered in New York, New York, Bruce Brent has been able to continue into the future with financial success and managerial skills. His ability to lead has since elevated him to the head of Double Rock Corp. Double Rock Corp provides leading financial management services that provide innovative money management services.

Double Rock has been the epitome of Bruce Brent’s business career. Being able to work with a money management company his entire business career allowed Bruce Brent to hone skills that ultimately would help him also work at the Hallmark Trust. Double Rock has always stood by the image of Bruce Brent the II as the president of their organization. It has been through Bruce Brent II that the company has been propelled to greatness and continues to find success in the financial market.

Brent’s Continued Success
Bruce Brent II is a key example of how successful a person can become from simply sticking true to their principles, and business know how. His ability to take the skills his father have taught him and apply the skills into successful business management. Bruce Brent II takes a forward approach to financial management that borrows from his success in the past, thus making him a fantastically organized mind in the financial sector.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America partner with different companies to eradicate cancer.

The renowned Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently partnered with three different companies so as to provide better and safer healthcare to the patients with cancer. The organization is one of the facilities that treat adult cancer cases from all over the world. The healthcare company has five locations in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago, and Tulsa. Individuals visiting the facility can be guaranteed of getting advanced cancer treatment. CTCA provides radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy services to patients. The patients treated in the facility are given special therapies to help them emotionally and physically while undergoing treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been in the industry for several years and its team of experts now that every cancer is different to the patients, and so it needs to be treated in a different way. This is why it decided to partner with the three companies to ensure that the patient gets the best. One of this companies is known as Allscripts, and it helps the physicians to take better care of the ailing people with the use of the latest technology. Nanthealth, on the other hand, is a healthcare company offering extraordinary software, hardware systems, middleware and other items that can help doctors and hospitals when tracking patient records. The software from this institution will improve the patient outcomes significantly. The third company is known as Eviti, and it provides physicians with the support they need to improve treatment.

These four healthcare companies have announced that they will be introducing the Clinical Pathways Program. The special program is expected to enhance the cancer treatment techniques. The patients will have an opportunity of choosing an effective treatment that is safe for their health. Patients will also review and choose the treatment of their choice. The program will reduce the mortality rates for individuals with cancer in the world.

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