How Was The Career Of The Who’s Who Winner Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is chairman and CEO of two leading companies, the Trucept, Inc, that focuses in outsourcing human resources and other services for third-party companies as well as Dalrada Financial Corporation, that does a similar outsourcing by reducing costs and improving the potential of their clients.

Brian Bonar achieved his success through a lot of dedication and betting in the right decisions. With over 30 years of experience in finances and management strategies, he got the honor of being one of the chosen personalities for Cambridge’s Who’s Who list in the Executive of the Year category. Only two individuals of each gender are selected each year for the award, and they all have a lot of achievements and skills.

Bonar started his studies at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, in Mechanical Engineering, and then later got his MBA and Ph.D. in the Staffordshire University in the UK.

Beginning as Procurement Manager for IBM, he began his career in 1969. After sixteen years with them, he moved to being the Executive Director of Engineering at QMS Inc., where he started at 1984 and stayed with that company for four years before he moved on to Rastek Corporation in 1988.

There, he already had his spot as Vice President of the company, being a significant occupation considering he had just graduated from college. Bonar also had four years working in the QMS as Director of Engineering.

Through the years, Brian Bonar aggregated a lot of knowledge in many fields of expertise like building design, contract administration, anything related to outsourcing human resources, managing the staff of other companies, procurement, financial planning among other talents.

With professional leadership, Bonar has been able to influence positively all the corporations that he passed through during his career. He helped small companies become larger and have more employees as a result. Bonar has been helping his partners reach their goals since he was promoted to Dalriada Financial’s next Vice President, in 1994.

From this point, he would grow exponentially alongside his associates. He would assume the spot as CEO of Dalriada in 1998, after spending two years as the Director of the corporation.

Besides Dalriada and Trucept, he also holds the position of CFO and acting CEO of Amanda Co. Inc. Bonar became director of Trucept in 2009 and spent one year in that position until he would become the Chief Executive Officer.

Before he entered Trucept, inc., he was President of Allegiant Professional Business Services and stayed in the position even after he opened his next office.

Today though, his biggest roles in the financial world are the CEO and Chairman of Trucept and Dalrada Financial. He is actively making new acquisitions and holding new positions in 2017, like owning the Source One Group that is responsible for giving human resources assistance to other teams.