Saga of EOS Lip Balm Revolution Beating Chapstick to Ground

One of the most ubiquitous beauty products in any lady’s handbag is perhaps the lip balm. However, since a long time, purchasing it meant a daunting task. You had to visit numerous drug stores since the lip balm’s set was clinical with an ingredient which facilitated the management of better packaging. For those who dared and wanted little more from their lip balm, they would forego the original tasteless flavor and opt for the market available flavors of mint or cherry.

However, the development of the EOS Lip Balm pastel colored products seven years ago changed the story completely. Their first entry into the market got them occupying the Walgreens shelf-space as the beauty brand of target capabilities. It then spread to Walmart and Target. Beauty experts at Cosmo and Allure could not talk enough about its honeydew and grapefruit flavors. It fueled the craving for flavors to almost impossible heights. Still, Miller, Kim, and Christina could be spotted whipping EOS bottles in their makeup bag in the company. Soon the acronym EOS standing for Evolution of Smooth was a phenomenon going viral on numerous TV shows, Magazines and social media like the Facebook.

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Throughout the time, the founders of the company remained tight-lipped about their business strategies. They only revealed their success story of making over $250 million just by selling these products during their interview at the Fast Company. Kim, who heads the Research and Consultation Department at the EOS Company revealed the company’s aggressive goal of emerging as the top and the best selling lip balm brand in the United States. Useful link on  Going by Kiln, the brand made a significant surge in its business by introducing the oral care line as well. Today, over million lip balms and other products of this brand are sold each week at stores across the country. Going by the satisfaction and demand rate of customers, it is understandable that the market leaders forecast the growth of the company to cross $2 billion by the end of the year.  Check  this

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