Dr. Jorge Moll Provides Great Insight into Past Study

One of the biggest focuses that any religious organization has is that it should focus on giving back to the community whenever it can. While it is always a good thing to do good for others, the religious communities also believe that it can be very beneficial for the givers as it can help them to feel great. While this has been a long-standing belief for those with religious faith, it also may now be confirmed by science.

During a study completed by Jorge Moll and a variety of other doctor and scientists, it would concluded that doing good for others has an impact on the brain as well. During a long study, Dr. Jorge Moll concluded that there is evidence that the brain reacts in a certain way when someone does a good deed for other people. The selfless deed with then cause some form of chemical reaction in the brain that can help to make someone happier.

This was not the first time that Dr. Moll’s study has come to this same conclusion. During a study completed a few years ago by scientists in California, it was concluded that there is a certain area of the brain that impacts how the body and emotions feel after giving to the community or the needy. This study focused on individuals that had a certain brain injury. It was determined that those that were injured in certain areas of the brain were less likely to feel remorse and guilt or feel happy when giving to other people.

While the science and religious communities may not always agree on the best approach to life and often have contradicting opinions on matters, it appears that they are in agreement on this subject (Interview). Both sides have come to the conclusion that doing good for other people will make them feel better.