Fearing For The Future On the Brink Of A Trade War: Stansberry Research and Trump’s Impending Tariffs

Justin Brill’s “The U.S. Inches Closer to War” is a political piece within the Stansberry Digest which applies an analysis of the United States relationship with China and Japan–and the impending tariff and ultimate trade war–that could wreak havoc on the United States economy in the years to come. As apart of Stansberry Research’s commitment to ongoing independent research, Brill begins the article by centering on Japan’s rising stock market, as well as the increasing value of the yen. Additionally, Brill mentions Steve Sjuggerud’s thesis that the Japanese president has no intention of overshooting the 2% inflation, and that now, more than ever, it is time to invest in Japanese stocks.



Finally, Brill goes on in the article to comment on President Trump’s announcement to potentially impose steel and aluminum import tariffs. Brill mentions that this could spell danger for the U.S. consumers and business owners if it came to fruition. When and if the tariffs pass, only a fraction of the American population would benefit, while the majority of us would have to either pay more for consumer prices or ultimately lose jobs due to loss of earnings. Brill’s article is an engaging work about the U.S. economy and its future in Trump’s presidency. Moreover, the site that it is featured on “Stansberry Research,” is an independent investment research firm writing both opinion pieces about the financial state in the U.S. and its economic climate, and newsletters by financial advisors. Stansberry Research, based in Baltimore, Maryland, features writers from all over, who are writing not only about the economy but about healthcare, oil, mining, biotechnology, and even natural resources. In addition to Stansberry Research’s several pieces, company founder Frank Porter Stansberry has written several opinion pieces about controversial issue ranging from the European financial panic to the auto bailout, all of which seem centered on improving the public morale: leading to a brighter tomorrow and a hope for a more stable state of the union. Overall, Stansberry Research hosts a myriad of independent works about the state of the U.S and its future, as well as its potential to grow and expand within the context of a rapidly changing political and economic climate, both hear and abroad.