Developers Transfer Townhouse Properties to Arthur Becker on Sullivan Street

Private investor and entrepreneur Arthur Becker continues to build wealth by purchasing real estate properties in Florida and New York. His investment portfolio comprises of interests into estates on 111 W. 57th Street and 10 Sullivan Street, including a 16th-story building and three-adjacent townhouses. The Real Deal reported on March 1st, 2017 he accepted an offer from Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities Developers to acquire the townhomes in exchange for his interest in the development project. Mr. Becker is presently working on a luxury condo project on Washington Street valued at $52.5 million.

According to NY Daily News, Arthur Becker is passionate for fine arts and collecting ancient artifacts, including Nigerian and Cameron currencies, sculptures, paintings, and gold bars. Much of his collections are on display at his Tribeca real estate office. Some of the collections are over 1,000 years in age and sold to Wall Street buyers. This June, he is exhibiting selective art pieces at one of the townhouses on Sullivan Street. James Salomon, a galleries will select the artifacts, organize the exhibit, and oversee the pieces.

Mr. Becker’s first investment venture started in 2002 after acquiring NaviSite, a technology and application management servicing company. He served as chief executive officer for eight years until Time Warner Cable purchased the business for $230 million. Arthur Becker is Chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC, a New York digital magazine content converter and still has some interest in NaviSite. He received financial success from investing into technology companies and began exploring real estate opportunities. Curbed are saying his wife Vera Wang-Becker, award winning fashion designer will live in one of the townhouses on Sullivan Street.

The fortune Arthur Becker made in the technology industry helped him raise $500 million in capital to invest into New York real estate. The scheduled date for the townhouses completion date was scheduled for the December 31st, 2016. Mr. Becker was senior advisor at Vera Wang Fashion Company for approximately seven years. He’s a devoted father of two lovely adult daughters and the husband to their mother, Vera Wang for more than 22 years.

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