Lip Balm for the Millennial Generation

For years it has been those type of flavors for lip balm – cherry, original, and mint that were in the drug stores and supermarkets that we all have searched for. Until several years ago, EOSĀ lip balm changed the minds of the millennial generation and took up a space next to the original chap-sticks that everyone was use to using. Being featured in beauty magazines and celebrities using this product has brought it up to the second best-selling lip balm in the country.

Applying lip balm is surely for the unisex community, but it’s also a huge part of a woman’s beauty regimen for their entire day. With the shapes of lip-balms that are out there now, the Lip Balm Company wanted to make a product with all five senses – soft and round, to the smell of the product, the colors of the orbs, the taste, and how it sounds when it’s being closed.

Their first account was with Walgreens and from that moment on women enjoying the product got them to expand to other stores such as Target and Walmart. While beauty bloggers were contacted to review the product and was talked about on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It seems the product is mainly targeted for the millennial generation of ages 25-35.

Lastly, with their hit of the lip-balm EOS has produced other products that are on the shelves such as shaving creams and lotions. Having a sweet smell of lip-balm and being an easy way to apply, who could ask for anything better?

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