Glen Wakeman on Succeeding in Business and Life

Currently, Glen Wakeman is the serving chief executive officer of a company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The SAAS Company specializes in planning more natural and intuitive startups for businesses. All too often, this company works with experts to reduce the odds of failure in startups. This has always been achievable by assisting clients to structure particular ideas that are not only good but also competent in various fields of business. Moreover, LaunchPad Holdings LLC works hard to sieve out bad ideas from the good ones.


Work Experience

Glen Wakeman has been instrumental in building some of the industry’s best startups. But just how did the journey begin for him? Well, before he established LaunchPad Holdings LLC, he was a committed leader at various senior positions. Consequently, he managed to garner extensive managerial skills from different departments. While working in these companies as well, Glen Wakeman dedicated most of his time to collect relevant information on management, finance, and the best structures to control businesses.



Like life would put it on him, Glen Wakeman was required to invest in education to be relevant in the world of economic developers. Consequently, he attended school in different institutions including the University of Scranton where he majored in economics then expounded to finance. Later on, Glen Wakeman attended the Chicago University for an MBA. Here, he majored in finance as well. Among the companies he worked for after college include GE Capital with the most memorable one being Nova Flour.



For the number of years Glen Wakeman worked in those companies, he gained extensive skills in different fields including market strategy, capital raising, strategy, angel financing, administration, business development and financing. So far, he has been able to apply the same skills to the businesses he later managed.


Mentoring Startups

Interestingly, Glen Wakeman is not only an entrepreneur. That is why he mentors young business professionals who aspire to become future business leaders. With his wealth of knowledge, he invents in ideas to assist startups to get through the challenges thrown to them in the industry. Glen Wakeman focuses his training on the following key areas:

  • Risk management
  • Leadership
  • Business management
  • Project management
  • Human capital and resources