Two Actresses That Do More Than Act


The sexy Jessica Alba is a beautiful actress that stars in some popular films, such as Sin City and Dark Angel. Widely known for her big screen appearances, she is also on her way to becoming a business tycoon. The actress is co-founder of an up-and-coming product line called Honest Company. This business produces and distributes natural cleaners, feminine hygiene products, baby products and much more. Honest Company is on their way to taking the business public for one billion dollars. Jessica Alba’s unblemished reputation as a knock-out star has taken a step even further into popularity as a business wizard.

Another actress with an outside business deal is Scarlett Johanssen. This four time Golden Globe Award nominee has taken on the title of Popcorn vendor. Though it may not seem as prestigious as Hollywood starlet, she has hit Paris with her newest venture called Yummy Pop. This gourmet popcorn shop opened in 2016, and Johanssen seems to be loving her new life. Unfortunately, this new life has taken a big toll on her marriage. Soon this actress-turned-business-mogul will also be on the market, as she and her new husband have filed for divorce.