Life Line Screening: Improving the quality of Life:

*Life Line Screening Examined:

Life line Screening is a wellness and prevention organization based out of Austin Texas. The company provides a variety of health screening services within the United States. The company started back in 1993 and has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades.

Life Line is continually improving their current testing procedures. It is estimated that Life Line provided services to over 5 million patients since the company first began. Some of the testing and scans currently offered include Ultrasound, Blood screens as well as Electrocardiographs.

*Specific Tests Offered:

Life Line has very specific tests which can detect the onset of disease and other potential health problems such as diabets, heart failure, Vitamin D screening, lung cancer, COPD and much more.

Vitamin D is important for overall health. However, when a person doesn’t have sufficient amounts of Vitamin D serious health consequences can ultimately result. Therefore, Life Line has a very specific test that will detect Vitamin D defficencies within the body.

Heart Failure is a common but serious problem that affects many Americans each year. Heart failure can be moderate to severe. Life Line has a specific test that will determine if Heart Failure is present or the possibility exists that the person develop Heart Failure within the future. Preventative testing is what can end up saving many lives each and every year.

Life Line has a staff of skilled professionals that will help patients understand their risk factors for certain diseases. In adition, the staff member will discuss which tests may be beneficial for you. Finally, the patient can decide on appropriate location to have their tests done. Life Line is all about improving the quality of ones life and reducing the chances of actually aquiring certain diseases and disorders.

Life Line’s Chief Medical Officer is currently Dr. Andrew Manganaro. Dr. Manganaro stresses the important of early detection as well as appropriate treatment. Detection and treatment saves lives. Dr. Manganaro extensive knowledge as well as experience with cardiovascular illness and how to take measures to prevent a major cardiac episode.

The Life Line company web site is informational and easily accessible. In addition, the web site also contains short health related videos for public view. Testimonials as well as several success stories are available on the web site. Please see