The Way Of The Future Is Online Reputation Management

In order to ensure business continues to grow it is vital for business or brand owners to take a proactive approach to monitoring as well as managing their reputation online. This reputation is very important and can often mean the downfall of companies when disgruntled customers tarnish the reputation of a company or brand online. There are a lot of factors to consider when its comes to the management of this reputation. For this very reason there are companies that specialize in this very field. Companies like can remove bad search results and ensure that their customers reputation is managed in the most professional and proactive way.

This topic of online reputation management has received so much attention lately that it was featured on A gentleman by the name of Don Sorensen shares his insight into this field which has been his focus for many years. Don is known as an expert in the field of online reputation strategy and runs the successful company known as Big Blue Robot. Reason for this is that this process can be very labour intensive if there is not an entity to take care of it for the business. There are a lot of business owners who simply do not have the time required for such process and therefore things get postponed and then end up not getting achieved.

Don Sorensen recommends using IFTTT for automatic content syndication. This acronym stands for, if this, then that. In this way if something happens a plan of action is in place to be executed immediately which saves precious time. Simply create an account on the website and link the social media platforms to it. Simple recipe’s can then be established which automatically post content to other websites when content is uploaded. Websites such as these come into very good use and could be used alongside as a proactive strategy of successful online reputation management.