Tips to Help Better Manage a Work/Life Balance

Finding a good balance between work and life can be a challenge for all people. While finding time to work hard at work and spend time with your family can be hard to do, Susan McGalla has recently provided 11 tips that can be followed to help you find an adequate work/life balance.

  1. The first tip is to make finding downtime a priority. While you may be busy, you need to ensure you find at least a little bit of time every day to do something relaxing, which can include meditating, reading a book, or watching TV.
  2. If you are short on time, you should eliminate your draining activities. If you have an activity that you don’t enjoy, or that takes out too much time or is emotionally draining, you should stop going immediately.
  3. It is important that you find something that truly relaxes you and do it every so often. This can range from taking a long hot bath to taking a vacation to a peaceful spot.
  4. To have a healthy lifestyle and find good balance, you also need to find time to exercise. This can include going to the gym or taking your dog on a morning walk, but you need to find at least 30 minutes per day, most days of the week.
  5. It is also important that you take a full tally of all your activities. Once you right down all that you have to do on a daily basis, it may become clear what can be eliminated.
  6. Most importantly, you may need to change your perception of what perfection is. Too many people try to take on too many tasks, which can be impossible. If you change your idea of perfection, this could be easier.
  7. Avoiding technology a couple of times per week can also be helpful. Simply putting down your phone and avoiding email can help you feel more engaged at home and reduce stress.
  8. Even if you don’t practice it regularly, you should meditate at least a few times per week. This will help you to think more clearly and stay focused when necessary.
  9. It may also be a good idea to assess your lifestyle. If you are working too hard or too often to pay for consumer goods, it would be a good idea to cutback to save money and time.
  10. If you are not able to do everything you want to satisfy everyone, it is also important that you don’t feel guilty. There is no way to make everyone happy all the time, so don’t feel bad when you cant.
  11. The most stressful time of the day for many people is the chaotic morning. You should try to reduce this stress by getting some stuff done the night before or by reducing the daily tasks.  Related words from McGalla on

Susan McGalla is an excellent person to provide the above-mentioned advice. She is an executive consultant and businesswoman that has successfully managed a both a successful personal and business life. Before taking on her current career as a business consultant, she was the CEO of American Eagle Outfitters and was the CEO of Wet Seal, Inc.  Important link her

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