Bernardo Chua Success Story

Bernardo Chua is a professional who is transforming the lives of many people in the world. The businessman has founded some of the most successful direct selling companies in the world. According to his portfolio, the businessman has been influential in the formation and success of two companies, known as Organo Gold and Gano Excel. The businessman becomes popular when he introduced one of the most powerful herbs from the Chinese, known as Ganoderma. The herb has made him one of the successful investors in the coffee world. Most of his coffee products have this herb, and they have helped many people who are dealing with dangerous illnesses. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile on LinkedIn

Bernardo Chua founded his first company, Organo Gold, in the year 2008. The company first offices were found in Vancouver, Canada, and it managed to grow in a very short time. The products form the firms were sold from one person together with the help of direct selling agents who are hired by the company. Today, the multi-million company has managed to hire thousands of direct distributors and other employees from thirty-five countries in the world. The products from this company have been accepted well, and they have left a huge impact in many lives.

Before Bernardo Chua could start his first company, he was working for an institution called Gano Excel. When he relocated to California in the year 2003, he was offered an opportunity to work in the company as the Gano Excel USA manager. The businessman discovered the benefits of using Ganoderma since he was a very young man, and this is why he has managed to transform lives using the herb. Bernardo realized that many people love coffee, and he chose to use the beverage to make them healthier. The products are affordable, and they have won the hearts of customers.



Will Highland Capital’s South Korea Fund Save ObamaCare?

Timing is a very important concept in the finance industry. For some reason, many of the world’s actions seem to be synchronized. Have you thought about how the May 2017 Highland Capital South Korea healthcare fund was established after Trump’s shut down of ObamaCare?


“Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees”


Isn’t it odd that the United States does not have universal health care, while most other nations do? The path for South Korea was somewhat similar to what ObamaCare was trying to accomplish, but it took place about 3 decades ago. In 1977, the South Korean government “mandated medical insurance for employees and their dependents in large firms with more than 500 employees.” The result was South Korean National Health Insurance (NHI).


In 1989, the NHI was expanded to cover all South Koreans. In many ways, the United States was trying to move to this final stage in 2016 with ObamaCare. President Trump shut down ObamaCare in 2017.


“ObamaCare & Highland’s HealthCare Fund”


Highland Capital Management has never run a healthcare fund, until it started its $147 million South Korean fund. One of its primary backers was the South Korea National Pension Service (NPS). Hence, both the public and private sectors are in full support. But there is a catch.


The South Korean fund is investing in North America too.


Generally, if you create a private hedge fund in one country, it will probably focus on that country, right? It is even more likely when the country’s pension plan is involved, like the NPS is. The fund would invest in local firms. But, that is not what this deal is necessarily about when you read the small print. Listen to what Highland Capital’s Matt Jameson managing director and co-head of private equity has said:


“The healthcare industry in the U.S. faces a number of disruptive forces that acutely affect companies in the middle market.”


Whereas, South Korea is rising, instead of investing in their country’s own healthcare development, the nation is investing in the development of the United States. This seems odd and a band-aid meant to save lost ObamaCare funding.