Dr. Mark Holterman: A Life of Serving Children

The life and career of Dr. Mark Holterman shows his love for children. He attained a degree in biology at Yale University and later pursued a PhD and MD at University of Virginia. This is the point where he chose pediatric surgery. Holterman did his residency and began a career of serving children. At one point, Holterman was a chief surgeon at Advocate Christ Children Hospital. He was also an attending surgeon at Rush Medical Center (http://peoria.medicine.uic.edu/departments/surgery/surgery-faculty/name/mark-holterman/).

Holterman has also worked in Children’s Hospital of Illinois and St. Francis Medical Center. Apart from treating children, Holterman is part of organizations for surgeons and pediatrics. He is part of American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics. A career in medicine is always accompanied with a zeal for research.

Medicine is evolving rapidly because doctors and scientists are studying and researching various areas in medicine. Dr. Holterman is no exception. His areas of research are cell therapy, obesity, cancer treatments and regenerative medicine. He hopes to get a breakthrough in these areas.

Holterman is an individual who likes giving to the community. His particular interest is in Diabetes, especially among teenagers. Holterman joined the American Diabetes Association. The entity has made efforts to ensure that effects of diabetes are minimal and under control.

Holterman paid more attention to diabetes among teenager because of the alarming statistics. Type 2 diabetes seems to affect teenagers more than any other kind of diabetes. The organization is sensitizing a healthy diet for teenagers and ideal lifestyle habits. In addition to the work he is doing in the association, Holterman has other community services. He is working with an organization that cares for Vietnamese children. It is a foundation that offers charity to these needy children.

Holterman’s work and contribution to the medical field is impacting people positively. He believes that other young doctors need mentorship. He would like them to learn top skills of healthcare delivery. This is why he is a teacher to pass on knowledge and skills. Theoretical learning is different from practically doing what one learnt. Teaching also made Holterman discover some things that are helpful to him and his research.