Clay Siegall, In His Quest, To Eradicate Cancer

Clay Siegall helped create Seattle Genetics in 1998. In 2002, Clay Siegall became a resident member of Seattle Genetics. This is an institution whose role is to conduct cancer research. Taking the role of president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Directors of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is passionate enough to see to it that a cure for cancer is developed. His major operations are centered on cancer therapy; an activity meant to make ailing patients comfortable as they receive treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Clay Siegall has accomplished a lot as a scientist. For instance, he has a Ph.D. in genetics and a Bachelor’s of Science in zoology. In addition, he has been able to sharpen his skills as a research investigator, basically directing his energy to the development of the best drugs for cancer therapy. His love for people has compelled him to help alleviate the situation, especially for people suffering from cancer. It is under his leadership that Seattle Genetics has been able to come up with a variety of modern treatments.

Also, Clay has helped raise money for research through organizing charity events. To date, more than one point two million dollars have been raised for charity. Being a true people’s person, he has helped publish a number of articles; a move meant to keep other scientists updated on the progress made as regards to cancer research. This is because Clay Siegall believes that by sharing information, then more innovative scientists around the world might come up and develop a working treatment for cancer.

In addition, Clay Siegall’s leadership has enabled Seattle Genetics to enter into a number of strategic licenses, due to the spectacular nature of cancer research carried out in this institute. With these licenses in place, Seattle Genetics has been able to raise more than three hundred and fifty million dollars ever since he was inaugurated to run this institution.

It is his drive to help people that tremendous progress in Seattle Genetics has been realized. With Clay Siegall, the fight against cancer is real.