Wengie Shows Us Five Easy Hairstyles In Five Minutes

Simple yet stylish hairstyles are always good to know. They are a fast and easy to give any casual look some additional charm. Wengie shows viewers how to do five hairstyles in only five minutes.


The first hairstyle is called the “Triple Cascade”. You first take the section of your hair closest to the crown and swoop over the top of your ears to gather the rest. There should be a section left hanging down. Tie the section you gathered into a loose ponytail and then use your fingers to create sort of a gap in the section that you just used a hair tie on. Flip the ponytail over through the gap and smooth out. This creates your first cascade. Repeat with the same process for the remaining sections of hair twice and you will have created the “Triple Cascade”. Complete the look with an accented hair tie.


Next, we have the “Double Tuck“. Gather and brush your hair into a mid range ponytail. Then use another hair tie about four inches down from the original tie to create a sort of bubble. Like the “Triple Cascade”, you’ll make a gap in this bubble and tuck or flip the ponytail over through the gap. After that, grab another hair tie and inch down to make another hair bubble, then repeat the gap process of flipping the ponytail over and through. You now have the “Double Tuck”!


“Side Twists” is the third easy hairstyle. Part the back of your hair straight down the middle as if you were doing pig tails. Section off the right or left side of your hair furthest towards your ear, the hair needs to be off to the side. The loose section that you have on either your right or left will become the two twists. Section this hair into two parts and slowly but firmly twist then wrap around the side ponytail you made earlier. Once you’ve finished twisting, grab your favorite accented hair tie and close off the loose twists. You can then accent with hair accessories. Wengie has gone with classic white flower barrettes.


The fourth hairstyle Wengie demonstrates is “Twisted Plaits”. Brush and swoop your hair to the side, right or left is up to you. Once to the side, split the hair into two sections. Starting with one section at a time you will plait or braid the hair all the way down, then tie off. Once you have both sections plaited, tie them off together. Pull out the plaits a bit so they’re a bit loose and give off a romantic casual feel.


Last hairstyle Wengie shows us is the classic “Fishtail Braids”. You pull your hair to the side and split into two sections. Starting the braid requires you gathering a small amount of hair from the end of one of the sections then wrapping it over and wrapping the opposite section over then repeating until you braid all the way down. Once finished, tie off with your favorite hair accessory.