A Global Lender On Equities

If you own a small business, and you need a loan for an emergency, such as meeting a payroll deadline due to uncertain circumstances, you could get a loan on equities.But, to get that loan, you will have to see a conventional banker, who will have to sit and listen to you. When you try to get a loan on your equities, you will find that the conventional lender is controlled by a set of regulations that will prohibit him from lending on equities of a certain type, and he will not be able to offer you a comfortable loan to value ratio — never as much as even sixty per cent. And, the interest rate on that loan will be a higher interest rate than you’re comfortable with.

But, worst of all, you now need to draw up a business plan and let him know what the loan is for, and what kind of equipment will be purchased, and a lot of unnecessary other information that will take time to process.So much for an ’emergency’ loan.Equities First US is a global lender on equities throughout the world. They specialize in lending on equities. They are a private company, and do not need to abide by the rules of conventional lenders.They are also available at Bloomberg website.

Plus, they really do not care what the loan is for. They realized you need a loan; otherwise, it is unlikely that you would be asking for a loan. The equities you possess will be collateral for the loan, not your business plan or some other set of documents.With a higher loan to value ratio (sometimes as much as eighty per cent), Equities First will have a much lower interest rate, and faster turn-around times than any conventional lender. You owe it to yourself to check out Equities First and their family of worldwide companies.