Convincing Harry Potter Fan Theories


There are some popular Harry Potter fan theories floating around that are actually pretty convincing! A theory that has been popular since way back in 2004 is that Ron Weasley is really actually Dumbledore that time-travels. This theory is based on the idea that the chess game that is played in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is actually an allegory for the whole entire Harry Potter series. First Ron plays against the knight and then later against the king. This is just like the way that Dumbledore does in the bigger war. It is also an obvious fact that the both of them look very similar to one another. Dumbledore and Ron are both tall and they are both pretty thin. They also both have a long nose. The theory isn’t too far fetched!


Another pretty popular theory is that the Deathly Hollows is really symbolic of all of the books. This is about the fight scene that occurs during the Deathly Hollows when Ron and Hermione are being chased by a creature and then they choose to go hide behind a bicycle (just like in the very first book). They then get attacked by spiders, which is just like the second book, and then like in the third book a werewolf appears. After the werewolves, the famous villains dementors then appear like the fourth book and as in book five, the Order of the Phoenix shows up. This theory may just be the most convincing one that has been seen!

The Inspiration Behind Doug Levvitt’s Greyhound Diaries

Many artists have been inspired by taking the road to explore America. After the journeys, these artists have been able to come up with some of the best works. However, Doug Levitt is taking a different approach. He embarks on journeys because of the inspiration he gets from the people that he meets during his trips.

Famed for his series ‘The Greyhound Diaries,’ the artist has been able to bring out the stories of ordinary citizens through the series. As a freelance journalist in London, mingling with the locals provided him with the opportunity to appreciate each person’s story. Upon returning to the United States, he set on a journey that would see him interact with the ordinary American. Over the years, he has been riding the Greyhound buses and talking to the Americans riding the buses.

Commonly, Greyhound buses have different passenger, ranging from middle class and poor Americans. Unlike the rich whose stories are available in the mainstream media houses, the have-nots do not get the chance to make their stories heard. The stories are available in the form of videos, songs, images, and podcast. Levitt’s fan can access The Greyhound Series from his website. He has also published a book.

When asked why he quit journalism to become an artist, the former CNN correspondent said that on returning to the United States, he was confronted by the growing poverty numbers in the country. The numbers indicated a crisis in the making, and there was need to bring out the real stories to inform the public about the plight of the poor in the society. This strategy would create pressure among the political class and spring them into action. He drew inspiration from similar projects that had been undertaken in the past such as Works Progress Administration.

In addition, Levitt decided to ride of Greyhounds because he could access different locations. The bus service operates in over 2,200 destinations in the United States. This situation makes it easy to listen to as many diverse people as possible. The artists had the opportunity to visit more areas, which is ideal for meeting individuals from different backgrounds. Levitt has covered over 100,000 miles in the buses. Over the years, he has been organizing concerts and shows to promote his series and share the stories of fellow Greyhound riders.