Borghi, Borghi!

Let there be no room for question: Now is the time in Brazil’s history in which it needs leaders the most. Now more than ever, brave men and women business advertising need to step up their game and show the world what it’s all about, all from wherever they’re based. In this case, it’s Brazil. Brazil’s finest, José Henrique Borghi, only tries to advertise and promote the very best work, showing his own country’s media what it’s all about.

He works within ad content and counts down every advertising message until it displays only the best. He utilizes his time to the very best of his abilities. This proud leader has been an advertiser for more than 25 years and has created Brazil’s most awarded campaigns. Heck, his campaigns are even known as some of the world’s best. He began all on his own in 1998 to learn more: click here.

He has worked for numerous agencies in Talon, FPC, DM nine DDB and even Brazil’s only Overnight. At 2002’s end, he founded his very own agency and called it Borghi, which merged with Lowen partners in 2006, at a time in which he also became the agency’s COO. In July of that year, the company went through numerous corporate restructuring announcements and implementations. Later, the agency became known as Portillo.

At the end of 2015, or Guillot group was announced to become a co-CEO of its Brazilian branch, a move very bold and one not made by many in the business at the time. In addition, José has won CEO expert awards for Mullen lowe group.

He has written numerous blogs as well and explains what has happened to the digital agencies and of Brazil. He even works in close contributions with trends in the Havanas; he has truly done it all in advertising.