Clay Siegall and the Contributions He Is Making to Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the chronic diseases tearing apart most families and patients, both emotionally and financially. Hope is not lost yet, thanks to scientists such as Clay Siegall and their continued contribution to cancer therapy the future looks bright. Clay Siegall is a distinguished researcher who has been on the forefront of cancer research thanks to Seattle Genetics a company he co-founded in 1998.

Seattle Genetics is a research company that is involved with innovative research in the field of cancer treatment. Currently, Clay Siegall works for the company in the position of CEO, President and Chair of the board. With a zeal and passion for improving cancer patients life through quality care Clay has been able to spur the company into new and greater levels of research development. For instance, under his watchful eye, Dr. Clay has lead the company into the world of discoveries with the company manufacturing its antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) such as ADCETRIS® that earned FDA endorsement in 2011.

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics Clay is also responsible for source funding in the company. He has been able to help the company raise at least $1.2 billion both in private and public funding. This money has helped Seattle Genetics continue its advancements in cancer treatments and has also helped the company expand its global impact in the care of cancer patients to over 60 countries in the world.

Clay Siegall great achievements comes as a result of his strong educational background and experiences in the industry. Dr. Clay is acquired his Ph.D. from George Washington University where he specialized in the field of Genetics. After graduating, Dr. Clay worked in a number of research companies that helped shape his skills in the industry. Some of the companies include Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Research Institute as a research investigator. He later moved to the National Cancer Institute as a Biotechnology before venturing out on its on.

In addition to research, Dr. Clay also helps in the body of knowledge through his word press website. Through this platform Clay helps address some of the most recent issues in the science world. One of his most recent posts is of former Energy Secretary where he says that the climate change needs to be addressed real fast. Another post is on the issue of brain and how it is able to ID different faces. Clay helps readers understand the theory behind the functioning of the brain. For more on his works consider visiting his WordPress official site.