Life Line Screening: Improving the quality of Life:

*Life Line Screening Examined:

Life line Screening is a wellness and prevention organization based out of Austin Texas. The company provides a variety of health screening services within the United States. The company started back in 1993 and has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades.

Life Line is continually improving their current testing procedures. It is estimated that Life Line provided services to over 5 million patients since the company first began. Some of the testing and scans currently offered include Ultrasound, Blood screens as well as Electrocardiographs.

*Specific Tests Offered:

Life Line has very specific tests which can detect the onset of disease and other potential health problems such as diabets, heart failure, Vitamin D screening, lung cancer, COPD and much more.

Vitamin D is important for overall health. However, when a person doesn’t have sufficient amounts of Vitamin D serious health consequences can ultimately result. Therefore, Life Line has a very specific test that will detect Vitamin D defficencies within the body.

Heart Failure is a common but serious problem that affects many Americans each year. Heart failure can be moderate to severe. Life Line has a specific test that will determine if Heart Failure is present or the possibility exists that the person develop Heart Failure within the future. Preventative testing is what can end up saving many lives each and every year.

Life Line has a staff of skilled professionals that will help patients understand their risk factors for certain diseases. In adition, the staff member will discuss which tests may be beneficial for you. Finally, the patient can decide on appropriate location to have their tests done. Life Line is all about improving the quality of ones life and reducing the chances of actually aquiring certain diseases and disorders.

Life Line’s Chief Medical Officer is currently Dr. Andrew Manganaro. Dr. Manganaro stresses the important of early detection as well as appropriate treatment. Detection and treatment saves lives. Dr. Manganaro extensive knowledge as well as experience with cardiovascular illness and how to take measures to prevent a major cardiac episode.

The Life Line company web site is informational and easily accessible. In addition, the web site also contains short health related videos for public view. Testimonials as well as several success stories are available on the web site. Please see

Sujit Choudhry, The First Indian origin Dean

According to, on July 10th, the director of the Constitutional Transitions Center, Law School professor, Berkeley, and California University joined the constitutional experts in Kiev (the capital city of Ukraine) to discuss the constitutional challenges in the country and the Ukraine’s government system of semi-presidential.

Ukraine’s major think tank hosted the workshop; CPLR (Center of Policy and Legal Reform), and the International IDEA (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), which is an IGO (international governmental organization) that strengthen and support processes and democratic institutions worldwide. These experts met in Kiev so that they could discuss how the Ukraine’s governing process was going to be better.

On the meeting, Sujit Choudhry said that he was privileged to have met constitutional experts and top researchers in Kiev and discussed executive powers. He continued saying that for the two years that have passed, the democratization of Ukraine has been unstable due to factors like power separation within the dual executive between the President and Prime Minister, the legislature’s electoral system, political parties that are weak, and power concentration in the presidency.  Learn from his insight and point of view, click

More of his insight and views here.

Sujit Choudhry, the Ira Michael Heyman Law Professor at the UC (University of California) Berkeley School of Law. He is a specialist in constitutional law. Since 2014 up to 2016, he served as the University of California-Berkeley School of Law Dean. He is the first Indian origin dean of a law school in the United States that is top. He also worked at Canada’s Supreme Court as Chief Justice Antonio Lamer law clerk.  For timeline activity update, hit

Sujit Choudhry is an authority recognized internationally on politics and comparative constitutional law. He has spoken in more than two dozen nations and combines research agenda that is wide ranging with experience that is in depth as an advisor to building processes of Constitution. Additional reading on

Choudhry is a New Delhi native. He went to McGill University and studied biology. As a Rhodes Scholar, he earned a Bachelor of the Arts at Oxford University. He also earned his B.L at U of T (University of Toronto). And finally, he received LL.B. (Master of Laws) at Harvard Law. Check his service and contact info here.

Visit and have an in-depth look of his prof

Jason Hope Dedicated And Successful Tech Expert

Jason Hope is an accomplished entrepreneur who has always been interested in technology. Jason Hope founded Jawa (a mobile communication company) and has invested in several companies that provide digital media solutions, computer and business information systems, marketing services, and interactive software.

The Arizona native writes on the latest technology trends, and he believes that the future lies in technology. He appreciates the role of social media as a marketing method but insists its correct use is paramount. As a futurist, Hope has predicted on the significant role that Internet of Things will play in the future. He is confident that soon homes will be dependent on IoT devices with several products scheduled to be released soon. He is focused on the next level of technology in the healthcare sector and has made donations to SENS Research Foundation.

Why invest in SENS? Hope is passionate about biotechnologies can improve the quality of life and also help in preventing diseases. SENS is using technology to reverse or slow down lung cancer, ageing process, heart diseases and Alzheimer. The Arizona State University alumnus is optimistic about research on anti-aging.

Hope encourages young people to be doers and not dreamers and to always focus on the big picture. He has initiated grant program for college and high school students where great ideas give birth to new life. His success story is inspiring though he confesses that how one handles and manages challenges is what makes them successful.

The philanthropist utilizes his money and time to make positive impacts in the communities. He has worked with Arizona Science Center, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, and International Foundation for Education and Self Help among others. Though he is a finance and MBA graduate, Jason Hope has become a renowned tech expert and a role model to many in the technology industry.

About Jason Hope: