Taking Corruption Out of a Jail with Securus Technologies

Me and my fellow corrections officers have to really be working tirelessly in order to keep our facility safe. It does not take much for an inmate to identify weakness and then start creating a very dangerous environment for all inside our jail. What we were discovering was that even with a strong presence of police inside the center where visitors and inmates meet, somehow drugs were getting to the hands of the inmates.


My team was instructed to start paying closer attention to how the inmates and visitors interacted, then physically checking each before and after each visit. If we missed finding anything on the visitors, we should be able to find it on the inmates when they were done with their visit. To really tighten up things, we would even do several surprise cell inspections after the visits to try and take down anything that could have slipped between the cracks.


Despite those efforts, drug use was on the rise inside the jail. We were given a new resource in our battle on drugs by way of Securus Technologies. This company is headed by CEO Rick Smith, and the objective of this company is to make the world safer for all. Having placed the inmate call monitoring system in thousands of prisons, we knew we had something that should be able to help clamp down on the problem.


What we eventually discovered when we began using the LBS software far exceeded anything we thought we could find. Whenever the software alerted my team of chatter concerning drugs, it always centered around coming to the jail in a certain way. What we discovered was that we had a corrupt staff member among us, and he was responsible for allowing the safety of all to be compromised for financial gain by turning a blind eye to inmates getting drugs from visitors.


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  1. These dangerous and clever inmates just know how to beat the corrections officers to get drugs inside the jail. The officers did everything possible but were clever beaten by these inmates. This is not to say where can i find someone to write my college paper were not good at its game, however things began turning around when LBS Softwares by Securus Technologies were introduced and the result gotten were amazing. These inmates were able to be traced and drugs recovered from them. Needless to say, some corrections officers aided them.

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