Tips for Being a Successful Philanthropist with Adam Milstein

In this life, there are people who are better than us in one way or the other. The same is true for philanthropy where there are people who have managed over 100 charitable organizations. Apart from writing checks, there are other activities that comprise of philanthropy. Adam Milstein recently offered some insights and secrets that help one become a good philanthropist. He discussed three tactics that someone must employ to become successful. The first point that Adam Milstein noted is that the work of giving should be treated as a lifetime labor of love. Many people have always asked Adam Milstein why he is so passionate about giving back to the society. He answers this question by saying that he doesn’t work at all. Philanthropy culminates from what he loves to do. At the end of the day, he feels motivated about his involvement as well as becomes satisfied by changing the community around him.


Adam Milstein says that the more he becomes involved in philanthropy, the more he becomes satisfied. He also says that one should not stop once they have begun helping other people. Instead, you should focus all your energy and love into these deeds. Adam Milstein then talks about the importance of staying focused in philanthropy. Other than spreading your efforts among various organizations, you should focus on one organization and pay attention to it. He says that the field of philanthropy is not about competing with one another. He gives an example of the organizations that he has been part of. They include Israeli-American Council, Hasbara Fellowships and Birthright Israel. Adam Milstein says that he is able to divide his time within these entities.


The last secret to being a successful philanthropist is putting your mouth where your resources are. This requires you to dedicate your talent, time and connection to one thing. Adam Milstein says that philanthropy is not an art of science, but it’s something that depends on organization. Adam Milstein has been in the United States since the year 2001. He has made his wealth through the Hager Pacific Properties where he is a managing partner. The other managing partner is David Hager.

Michael Lacey; Fighting For Compassion Towards Immigrants & Free Speech

Michael Lacey is one of the founders of Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. They are very well known for sharing resources and information regarding a variety of immigration and human rights related issues. He found his way into Arizona State University after moving away from Newark, N.J in the late 1960s.

Lacey ended up dropping out of college in 1970, and pursued writing for the Phoenix New Times. He became a topic of discussion after publishing the inaugural issue of the Phoenix New Times as a counter to the extremist right-wing local media’s report of the campus’ antiwar protest of the time.

As Lacey as the executive editor of the New Times he has assisted Jim Larkin, his business partner, in creating a free weekly paper that grew its circulation consistently over time. It has grown to be trusted as a knowledgeable alternative source of news as to what is happening in our country and around the globe. They freely discuss social and political issues that are current and affecting many people around the world from different backgrounds. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

In 1983, Lacey and the New Times purchased Westword, a weekly paper that discussed current news and arts in the city of Denver. This expansion would lead the New Times and Lacey to develop the weekly into a multimillion-dollar conglomerate that included 17 papers across the country. Some of these papers included the Miami New Times, LA Weekly, and the most popular one; New York City’s Village Voice.

Lacey and his business partner, Larkin, were arrested and jailed in 2007 at their homes. The charges were in regards to the contents of their journalism. Joe Arpaio, a blatant anti-immigrant sheriff from Maricopa County, Arizona, was the primary instigator that lead to Lacey and Larkins arrest.

Michael Lacey is also very well known for his activities creating tent city at a local prison. Shortly after their arrest followed a public outcry that lead to all charges being released within twenty four hours. Further investigation into the cause of the arrests exposed that the grand jury warrants were forgeries and were issued by bypassing lawful security.

Maricopa County paid $3.75 million dollars, in late 2013, to settle the lawsuit Lacey and Larkin presented due to the wrongful arrest. In 2017 Lacey and Larkin decided to use the settlement to erect the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The majority of the funds were allocated to Latin-American syndicates throughout Arizona.

After all the struggle Lacey and Larkin have endured to maintain our right to free speech and the freedom to produce verifiable alternative news, they are continuing to experience great success in the journalism industry.

Borghi, Borghi!

Let there be no room for question: Now is the time in Brazil’s history in which it needs leaders the most. Now more than ever, brave men and women business advertising need to step up their game and show the world what it’s all about, all from wherever they’re based. In this case, it’s Brazil. Brazil’s finest, José Henrique Borghi, only tries to advertise and promote the very best work, showing his own country’s media what it’s all about.

He works within ad content and counts down every advertising message until it displays only the best. He utilizes his time to the very best of his abilities. This proud leader has been an advertiser for more than 25 years and has created Brazil’s most awarded campaigns. Heck, his campaigns are even known as some of the world’s best. He began all on his own in 1998 to learn more: click here.

He has worked for numerous agencies in Talon, FPC, DM nine DDB and even Brazil’s only Overnight. At 2002’s end, he founded his very own agency and called it Borghi, which merged with Lowen partners in 2006, at a time in which he also became the agency’s COO. In July of that year, the company went through numerous corporate restructuring announcements and implementations. Later, the agency became known as Portillo.

At the end of 2015, or Guillot group was announced to become a co-CEO of its Brazilian branch, a move very bold and one not made by many in the business at the time. In addition, José has won CEO expert awards for Mullen lowe group.

He has written numerous blogs as well and explains what has happened to the digital agencies and of Brazil. He even works in close contributions with trends in the Havanas; he has truly done it all in advertising.

Taking Corruption Out of a Jail with Securus Technologies

Me and my fellow corrections officers have to really be working tirelessly in order to keep our facility safe. It does not take much for an inmate to identify weakness and then start creating a very dangerous environment for all inside our jail. What we were discovering was that even with a strong presence of police inside the center where visitors and inmates meet, somehow drugs were getting to the hands of the inmates.


My team was instructed to start paying closer attention to how the inmates and visitors interacted, then physically checking each before and after each visit. If we missed finding anything on the visitors, we should be able to find it on the inmates when they were done with their visit. To really tighten up things, we would even do several surprise cell inspections after the visits to try and take down anything that could have slipped between the cracks.


Despite those efforts, drug use was on the rise inside the jail. We were given a new resource in our battle on drugs by way of Securus Technologies. This company is headed by CEO Rick Smith, and the objective of this company is to make the world safer for all. Having placed the inmate call monitoring system in thousands of prisons, we knew we had something that should be able to help clamp down on the problem.


What we eventually discovered when we began using the LBS software far exceeded anything we thought we could find. Whenever the software alerted my team of chatter concerning drugs, it always centered around coming to the jail in a certain way. What we discovered was that we had a corrupt staff member among us, and he was responsible for allowing the safety of all to be compromised for financial gain by turning a blind eye to inmates getting drugs from visitors.


The History And The Timeline Of The OSI Group

The OSI Group has an interesting timeline. According to the company’s website, the company was established in the year 1909 by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. During the early years, OSI Group functioned as a family owned meat market offering its services to the people of Chicago, Illinois.

In the year 1955, the OSI Group entered into a contract with McDonald to their sole supplier of meat products especially fresh ground beef. In the year 1973, the company changed its name to Otto & Sons and opened a new plant in West Chicago, Illinois. In the next five years, the company had changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Group and also opened a new plant in West Jordan, Utah. The year 1978 saw the company expand its operations beyond the United States by opening a plant in Germany. This was then followed by expansion into Latin America and Spain in the year 1982 and 1980.

The company expands through joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers. The company’s timeline reveals that the latest company to be acquired by the OSI Group is Baho Foods. Before being acquired by the OSI Group, Baho food had five subsidiaries that were operational in Netherlands and Germany. Upon acquisition, the subsidiaries became OSI Group properties. In all its acquisitions, the OSI Group cares about the employees of the newly acquired company. It’s for this reason that the OSI Group said that all the employees of the OSI Group would retain their jobs. At the same time, the executives of the company would be absorbed into the new management that will be sent from the United States. The OSI Group understands that the success of any food company lies in understanding the local culture of their customers. This is the reason why they prefer local management and local employees.

With an annual revenue of $6. 8 billion, the OSI Group is the 58th largest private company around the globe. For people who don’t know what the OSI Group specializes in, the deal with poultry, pork, beef, bacon and vegetable products. They also specialize in dough products.

Anthony Petrello Finds Ways to Give Back While Leading Company to Global Heights

Anthony Petrello is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries LTD and began with the oil and gas drilling company in 1991. Anthony also holds a position on the Board of Directors as Chairman for the company, and he’s held that honor since 2012 after being Deputy Chairman for eight years. Anthony’s leadership has been essential to Nabors Industries becoming the primary oil and gas drilling contractor worldwide.

During fiscal year 2016, Nabors Industries LTD had operating revenue of $2.2 billion which also represented a four percent increase within the last quarter with $539 million. The company maintains 29 charter fleet marine vessels and has created the world’s leading geothermal and natural gas drilling operations that has produced contracts with several global enterprises, from the Middle East to the continent of Africa.

As CEO, Anthony has led a company to high operational performance. For that reason, he has become one of the highest paid CEO’s within the world. In 2015, Anthony’s gross compensation package was more than $27 million. By meeting or exceeding the stockholders financial objectives year after year, Anthony’s brilliant ideas for Nabors Industries LTD has positioned the company at the top of the oil and gas industry. Anthony Petrello leadership has allowed the company to take forward-thinking risks within smart technology with the implementation of SmartRigs; an innovative approach to allow higher proficiency and greater productivity results.

The philanthropy efforts Anthony associates with go to the core of his example for leadership. Anthony and his wife Cynthia are highly active with charitable events within the state of Texas. Anthony serves on the board of the Texas Children’s Hospital, which he has supported for many years since learning of his daughter’s neurological disease. Both Anthony and Cynthia are eager to step up with giving back to the community in ways that support many efforts such as AIDS research, homelessness, and the fine arts for the youth.

Anthony has shown a spirit of humanity with the use of his leadership platform as well as using the resources he’s earned by donating millions to worthy causes to learn more: click here.

Sujit Choudhry Sheds More Light on Constitutional Law

Sujit Choudhry is the CEO and the Founding Director of The Center for Constitution Transitions. Being a graduate from one of the prestigious Universities in the world offering law, Sujit Choudhry has a lot of experience in law according to different perspectives of different countries in the World. Sujit graduated from Oxford University in the United Kingdom, the University of Toronto in Canada, and also Harvard University in the United States. He also has served as the dean of the school of law in California.

Sujit Choudhry success in higher education may be attributed to the fact that his parents were both professors, which motivated him to follow their footsteps. The Center for Constitution Transition is an organization that helps new and upcoming democracies around the world, such as South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine, Jordan, and Nepal to write new constitutions. It also provides the expertise for the revision and amendment of existing constitutions.  To read more about Sujit and his works, be sure to click this.

Sujit Choudhry has worked with diverse cultures with diverse beliefs around the world. He, however, beliefs that the best way to information gathering is going to the grassroots and speaking to people on the ground. Since assumptions may be wrong, the correct information gathering has propelled his success in the legal field. The Center for Constitution Transition has majorly helped Organizations around the world with legal evidence-based solutions, which have helped them make viable decisions.

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Sujit Choudhry believes that each country has its own story and therefore it’s important for the strong democracies to learn from the upcoming democracies. Although Sujit Choudhry has faced numerous challenges in his line of work, he has turned them to be a good starting point for enlightening him up. The challenges have also enabled him to go back to the drawing board and find effective solutions. Sujit believes that being too expectant for a project is not advisable as the results might be discouraging.

According to Sujit Choudhry, one of the best achievements, is bringing together experts and scholars from around the world to build a worldwide network. Doing so has helped a lot, and it has preceded his projects. For blog reading and more, visit his page.  Moreover, Professor Sujit Choudhry has many published articles under his names such as the Migration Constitution Ideas and many more others.   Check this recently written article of Sujit on

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Yanni Hufnagel Impresses at University of Nevada

In most situations, getting into coaching at the the major college basketball level requires that someone played at a high level or has a lot of connections. While this is often the case, some very talented people are still able to sneak into the profession and show that they belong. One person that has continued to show that he belongs in the college basketball coaching field is Yanni Hufnagel.

Yanni Hufnagel is an assistant college basketball coach that current is part of the University of Nevada men’s basketball coaching staff. This is a surprise given the fact that Yanni Hufnagel never played basketball after leaving middle school. Despite not having the playing background that most are used to seeing in a coach, Yanni Hufnagel has proven to be a very valuable member of the staff.

Overall, Yanni Hufnagel is considered to be one of the best recruiters in the country. While at the University of Nevada, he has continued to bring in top recruits, which has helped to ensure that the basketball teams has continued to be one of the strongest in the country. This is not the first time that Hufnagel has showed the aptitude to be a top recruiter. Before going to Nevada, he was an assistant coach for Harvard’s men’s basketball team. While he was at Harvard, Hufnagel was able to bring in several top 100 recruits, which had never before happened at Harvard. Due to this talent, the team had its most success ever and won several conference championships.

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A Synopsis Of Sujit Choudhry’s Interview With CEOCFO Magazine

Sujit Choudhry is one the world’s finest law professors who has studied constitutional laws of many nations and conducted in-depth research in how to further peace and prosperity throughout the world. CEOCFO Magazine caught up with Choudhry recently to ask him a little more about his work and what he believes are the top global challenges today. Choudhry said first of all that he’s enthusiastic about the Center of Constitution Transitions which he founded to help guide lawmakers from around the world and research policies that work. He believes the current state of polarizing political affairs in the US only means that there is more demand for constitutional understanding and promoting liberal democracy.

Sujit Choudhry is an immigrant from New Delhi, India and he first came to Canada where he studied at the University of Toronto where he completed high school and later enrolled in college. He became interested in law and attended the law schools at Toronto, Oxford University, Harvard and later joined the administration at the University of California at Berkley. As an expert in constitutional law and researching democratic society practices, Sujit Choudhry has been an advisor to constitutional meetings in Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.  Hop over to and read how the article discusses a recently written post by Sujit.

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Sujit Choudhry has also written many books on the subjects of constitutional law and international relations including the “Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution” and “Constitution Making.” Click this article written by Sujit on and read his views and insight on a current issue.  Choudhry has become a board member of several law foundations including the International Society of Public Law, the UN Mediation team, and the World Bank Institute. Prior to becoming a tenured professor of law, Choudhry was a clerk for Canada Supreme Court Justice Antonio Lamer and part of Ontario’s Governing Toronto Advisory Panel. His most notable accomplishment may be becoming the first Indian-American Dean of the UC Berkley law school, and later becoming the featured speaker at the Global Centre for Pluralism.  For blog reading and updates, visit this important site.

For an in-depth look at Sujit’s profile visit his website at

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