Dick DeVos: Giving Back is a Way of Life

When one looks at the charitable donations made by Dick DeVos and his family, quite frankly, it is hard not to be impressed, amazed, and in awe. It is hard to believe that one man and one family have done so much but it is true. The family has given billions of dollars toward many worthwhile causes that are near and dear to their hearts. In their mind, it is the right thing to do, without a shadow of a doubt. They don’t second guess it. They follow their gut and they know that if the shoe were on the other foot, someone would help them out. They believe in the good of people and they try to live that out, each and every day of their lives.

Dick DeVos is a person that has a heart of a gold, a personal touch, and is a real people person. He cares about people and wants to do all that he can to help them out in any way possible. He knows that a little bit goes a long ways. The family works together and everyone has their part and their division when it comes to helping out. They know that one person can’t do it all by themselves and everyone has to pitch in and do their part to make the world a better place.

Some of the causes they have given back to are education, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Christian nonprofits and these are just to name a few. Everyone that has spoken about the DeVos family says that not only do they help out with money, but they are very hands-on, easy to approach, kind, and very generous with their time. They don’t just write a check and call it a day. Their work isn’t done. If they can offer any counsel, wisdom, or guidance, they are more than happy to do so and have done so many, many times.

That is why the DeVos family sleeps well at night and they are happy with themselves when they look in the mirror, each and every day. They don’t do it for that reason, but it does feel good to be able to help others out, give back, and make a real difference in the world. Now, more than ever, the world needs it. Every little thing, as I’ve said, makes a big difference. There is no such thing as a small donation. When you are talking about big donations, major change can occur.

The Way Of The Future Is Online Reputation Management

In order to ensure business continues to grow it is vital for business or brand owners to take a proactive approach to monitoring as well as managing their reputation online. This reputation is very important and can often mean the downfall of companies when disgruntled customers tarnish the reputation of a company or brand online. There are a lot of factors to consider when its comes to the management of this reputation. For this very reason there are companies that specialize in this very field. Companies like searchcleanup.com can remove bad search results and ensure that their customers reputation is managed in the most professional and proactive way.

This topic of online reputation management has received so much attention lately that it was featured on Forbes.com. A gentleman by the name of Don Sorensen shares his insight into this field which has been his focus for many years. Don is known as an expert in the field of online reputation strategy and runs the successful company known as Big Blue Robot. Reason for this is that this process can be very labour intensive if there is not an entity to take care of it for the business. There are a lot of business owners who simply do not have the time required for such process and therefore things get postponed and then end up not getting achieved.

Don Sorensen recommends using IFTTT for automatic content syndication. This acronym stands for, if this, then that. In this way if something happens a plan of action is in place to be executed immediately which saves precious time. Simply create an account on the IFTT.com website and link the social media platforms to it. Simple recipe’s can then be established which automatically post content to other websites when content is uploaded. Websites such as these come into very good use and could be used alongside searchcleanup.com as a proactive strategy of successful online reputation management.

Adam Goldenberg Continues to Find Success with JustFab

In 1999, Adam Goldenberg sold his gaming network to Intermix Media. In 2006 he simply founded Intelligent Beauty, and most recently in 2010 started JustFab and operates as co-CEO. By 2014 JustFab had garnered $55 in funding, in addition to acquiring the shoe discovery service, ShoeDazzle. The person who has accomplished this impressive run is Adam Goldenberg, and it isn’t luck that has brought attention and success his way, he is just one smart guy.

Part of that intellect and know how for business can be heard in an article from 2014, where he shares some of his brilliant strategy and insight. Adam Goldenberg called it a “metrics-driven” process, that even sounds smart.

Perhaps something easier to grasp for the majority of us is the practices he utilizes when staffing his companies. When asked about his hiring practices in that article at http://www.builtinla.com/2014/01/18/3-la-ceos-you-need-know-now-adam-goldenberg-justfab, he described a two-fold approach. The fist part of that equation, as he sees it, is finding people who are passionate about what they do. The second part of the equation is recognizing the best talent that has been brought in and mentoring those individuals to maximize their potential which naturally benefits the success of a business.

These methods and his leadership on businessoffashion.com has JustFab making waves and making money. With JustFab in particular, there has been an emphasis on allowing customers to play a huge role in the development and progression of the company. JustFab actually has a team assigned to basically work with customers in order to find out what works, what needs to be better or even to determine what can be let go.

What might be most impressive is that this success has been found in an industry where companies fall by the wayside regularly, where competition is brutal and where it appears that you are only as good as your last big hit product. This is the world of fashion and e-commerce, and much like the old New York adage, if you can make it here – you can make it anywhere.
It is fair to say at this point in the career of Adam Goldenberg, that he is doing a bit more than just making it.

White Shark Media, Succeeding by Learning From Their Mistakes

Catering to small and mid-sized businesses, White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America. The company has seen some bumps along the road and has recently reached out to customers to address the most common complaints received and discuss their plan for ensuring that they don’t happen again:

Feeling “Out of Touch”

Customers often complained that they were unable to easily review their AdWords campaigns and felt as if they had lost touch. To address this, White Shark Media now focuses on working closely with clients prior to the launch of a campaign in order to thoroughly explain the details.

Monthly reports are sent to clients and are followed up with a phone call using the screen-sharing service GoToMeeting. During the call strategists are review the reports in detail with clients and answer any questions that may have come up. For no additional cost, clients are now also able to install conversion tracking, call tracking, and in some cases Google Analytics. This greatly helps with progress tracking. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/

To better improve communication, a new phone system has eliminated the need for a receptionist.
Loss of Performance

Some clients complained that the campaign that they had prior to signing on was performing better than the new campaign. If a client comes on board with an already successful campaign, the company makes sure to keep all of the successful aspects and will now allow the campaign to be built inside the client’s existing AdWords account. This helps to ensure that it will continue to at least produce the same results for the first few months while the changes go into effect.

Every strategist is now teamed up with a supervisor, and supervisors only oversee three to five strategists. Clients can be confident that an experienced team is providing performance feedback and oversight of all campaigns.

Lack of SEO services

While it’s true that White Shark Media Complaints team doesn’t provide SEO services, senior staff will review all SEO proposals to help ensure that clients are spending their money wisely.

It is what is done with this feedback that often determines the company’s ultimate success or failure. It appears that White Shark Media is learning from their mistakes and proactively addressing concerns. Continuing on this path makes it likely that this company will continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

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