Tips to Help Better Manage a Work/Life Balance

Finding a good balance between work and life can be a challenge for all people. While finding time to work hard at work and spend time with your family can be hard to do, Susan McGalla has recently provided 11 tips that can be followed to help you find an adequate work/life balance.

  1. The first tip is to make finding downtime a priority. While you may be busy, you need to ensure you find at least a little bit of time every day to do something relaxing, which can include meditating, reading a book, or watching TV.
  2. If you are short on time, you should eliminate your draining activities. If you have an activity that you don’t enjoy, or that takes out too much time or is emotionally draining, you should stop going immediately.
  3. It is important that you find something that truly relaxes you and do it every so often. This can range from taking a long hot bath to taking a vacation to a peaceful spot.
  4. To have a healthy lifestyle and find good balance, you also need to find time to exercise. This can include going to the gym or taking your dog on a morning walk, but you need to find at least 30 minutes per day, most days of the week.
  5. It is also important that you take a full tally of all your activities. Once you right down all that you have to do on a daily basis, it may become clear what can be eliminated.
  6. Most importantly, you may need to change your perception of what perfection is. Too many people try to take on too many tasks, which can be impossible. If you change your idea of perfection, this could be easier.
  7. Avoiding technology a couple of times per week can also be helpful. Simply putting down your phone and avoiding email can help you feel more engaged at home and reduce stress.
  8. Even if you don’t practice it regularly, you should meditate at least a few times per week. This will help you to think more clearly and stay focused when necessary.
  9. It may also be a good idea to assess your lifestyle. If you are working too hard or too often to pay for consumer goods, it would be a good idea to cutback to save money and time.
  10. If you are not able to do everything you want to satisfy everyone, it is also important that you don’t feel guilty. There is no way to make everyone happy all the time, so don’t feel bad when you cant.
  11. The most stressful time of the day for many people is the chaotic morning. You should try to reduce this stress by getting some stuff done the night before or by reducing the daily tasks.  Related words from McGalla on

Susan McGalla is an excellent person to provide the above-mentioned advice. She is an executive consultant and businesswoman that has successfully managed a both a successful personal and business life. Before taking on her current career as a business consultant, she was the CEO of American Eagle Outfitters and was the CEO of Wet Seal, Inc.  Important link her

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Lip Balm for the Millennial Generation

For years it has been those type of flavors for lip balm – cherry, original, and mint that were in the drug stores and supermarkets that we all have searched for. Until several years ago, EOS lip balm changed the minds of the millennial generation and took up a space next to the original chap-sticks that everyone was use to using. Being featured in beauty magazines and celebrities using this product has brought it up to the second best-selling lip balm in the country.

Applying lip balm is surely for the unisex community, but it’s also a huge part of a woman’s beauty regimen for their entire day. With the shapes of lip-balms that are out there now, the Lip Balm Company wanted to make a product with all five senses – soft and round, to the smell of the product, the colors of the orbs, the taste, and how it sounds when it’s being closed.

Their first account was with Walgreens and from that moment on women enjoying the product got them to expand to other stores such as Target and Walmart. While beauty bloggers were contacted to review the product and was talked about on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It seems the product is mainly targeted for the millennial generation of ages 25-35.

Lastly, with their hit of the lip-balm EOS has produced other products that are on the shelves such as shaving creams and lotions. Having a sweet smell of lip-balm and being an easy way to apply, who could ask for anything better?

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A Global Lender On Equities

If you own a small business, and you need a loan for an emergency, such as meeting a payroll deadline due to uncertain circumstances, you could get a loan on equities.But, to get that loan, you will have to see a conventional banker, who will have to sit and listen to you. When you try to get a loan on your equities, you will find that the conventional lender is controlled by a set of regulations that will prohibit him from lending on equities of a certain type, and he will not be able to offer you a comfortable loan to value ratio — never as much as even sixty per cent. And, the interest rate on that loan will be a higher interest rate than you’re comfortable with.

But, worst of all, you now need to draw up a business plan and let him know what the loan is for, and what kind of equipment will be purchased, and a lot of unnecessary other information that will take time to process.So much for an ’emergency’ loan.Equities First US is a global lender on equities throughout the world. They specialize in lending on equities. They are a private company, and do not need to abide by the rules of conventional lenders.They are also available at Bloomberg website.

Plus, they really do not care what the loan is for. They realized you need a loan; otherwise, it is unlikely that you would be asking for a loan. The equities you possess will be collateral for the loan, not your business plan or some other set of documents.With a higher loan to value ratio (sometimes as much as eighty per cent), Equities First will have a much lower interest rate, and faster turn-around times than any conventional lender. You owe it to yourself to check out Equities First and their family of worldwide companies.


Two Actresses That Do More Than Act


The sexy Jessica Alba is a beautiful actress that stars in some popular films, such as Sin City and Dark Angel. Widely known for her big screen appearances, she is also on her way to becoming a business tycoon. The actress is co-founder of an up-and-coming product line called Honest Company. This business produces and distributes natural cleaners, feminine hygiene products, baby products and much more. Honest Company is on their way to taking the business public for one billion dollars. Jessica Alba’s unblemished reputation as a knock-out star has taken a step even further into popularity as a business wizard.

Another actress with an outside business deal is Scarlett Johanssen. This four time Golden Globe Award nominee has taken on the title of Popcorn vendor. Though it may not seem as prestigious as Hollywood starlet, she has hit Paris with her newest venture called Yummy Pop. This gourmet popcorn shop opened in 2016, and Johanssen seems to be loving her new life. Unfortunately, this new life has taken a big toll on her marriage. Soon this actress-turned-business-mogul will also be on the market, as she and her new husband have filed for divorce.

The changes that Class Dojo will Bring to the traditional Teacher, student and parent relations

Parent teacher meetings are one of the challenges that many people in the education system complain about. At times, the breakdown happens because the student is being truant and does not want the issue addressed. Class Dojo is an application that was created in 2011 to try and clear up the communication path between the teacher, students and the parents. The application has been used by many people and they claim that it is the best way that the stakeholders in a child’s education can follow up on the progress of their children. It communicates about the classroom activities and also the co-curricular activities.

Have a peek on the App’s page.

Many improvements have been made to the application. For instance, there was a recent $21 million update that has made it possible for the parents to know the daily progress of their kids throughout the course of the school year. This has been seen as one of the best ways to avoid the surprises that normally happen when the child has been keeping issues from school a secret and the parent is shocked to learn about them during the annual parent-teacher meeting. Class Dojo is the brain child of Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The funding that they have received will assist them in figuring out the changes that can make the experience of using the application better for the parents. The App is useful both during the school hours and at home.

Based on, the main use of the application is to improve the communication process between parents and their kid about academics. Already, 85000 schools are using it and their reach is expanding. It is useful for kid between kindergarten and the eighth grade. There are other features that are being added to the applications, which will make it possible for parents to pay directly for activities such as field trips for their children and generally improve the connection between home and school.

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Vijay Eswaran Grows From Grass to Becoming one the World’s Greatest Entrepreneur to Watch

Vijay Eswaran is a member Founder to the QI Group who led a group of like-minded people towards the foundation of the Company in 1998. Vijay is currently serving as the Chairman of the Executive at the QI Group of Companies.

The Company has a broad range of diversification based in e-commerce specifically in the direct sales and retail, education training, and management of conferences, telecommunications, development of property and logistics, luxury and collectibles, leisure and lifestyle among others.

Vijay underwent his higher education degree and master’s studies at the London School of Economics and Southern Illinois University respectively.

According to QBuzz, Vijay Eswaran started his entrepreneurship while he was still an undergraduate Student. He is a man who started with some of the oddest jobs that no ordinary person would ever try such as plucking grapes, as a cab driver among others. Vijay was ever keen to capture any entrepreneurship opportunities as well as creating a broad business Network.

Through his much-noticed determination and abilities in the multilevel marketing, Vijay was lucky to secure jobs with some of the most growing company’s in the UK ad in the United States such as the MBA and later the Cosway Group. Learn more about more Vijay Eswaran:

The Cosway Group later gave him an opportunity to start their business branch in the Philippines upon his graduation from the University and thus the foundation of QI Group of Company’s

Though he is popularly known as the QI Groups’ Chairman of the Executive, Vijay is also a father in several other fields. He has been recognized as a bestselling author from the various resourceful books he has written.

Vijay Eswaran has appeared in several Conferences, leading Universities and other international platforms as a very public speaker. Vijay is also involved in various philanthropic activities to empower women and the youths.

Vijay Eswaran has been awarded several awards and honors such as; the Special Award for Education, The award of the Outstanding Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in 2015 and the Asia Heroes of Philanthropy list honors among others.

The Inspiration Behind Doug Levvitt’s Greyhound Diaries

Many artists have been inspired by taking the road to explore America. After the journeys, these artists have been able to come up with some of the best works. However, Doug Levitt is taking a different approach. He embarks on journeys because of the inspiration he gets from the people that he meets during his trips.

Famed for his series ‘The Greyhound Diaries,’ the artist has been able to bring out the stories of ordinary citizens through the series. As a freelance journalist in London, mingling with the locals provided him with the opportunity to appreciate each person’s story. Upon returning to the United States, he set on a journey that would see him interact with the ordinary American. Over the years, he has been riding the Greyhound buses and talking to the Americans riding the buses.

Commonly, Greyhound buses have different passenger, ranging from middle class and poor Americans. Unlike the rich whose stories are available in the mainstream media houses, the have-nots do not get the chance to make their stories heard. The stories are available in the form of videos, songs, images, and podcast. Levitt’s fan can access The Greyhound Series from his website. He has also published a book.

When asked why he quit journalism to become an artist, the former CNN correspondent said that on returning to the United States, he was confronted by the growing poverty numbers in the country. The numbers indicated a crisis in the making, and there was need to bring out the real stories to inform the public about the plight of the poor in the society. This strategy would create pressure among the political class and spring them into action. He drew inspiration from similar projects that had been undertaken in the past such as Works Progress Administration.

In addition, Levitt decided to ride of Greyhounds because he could access different locations. The bus service operates in over 2,200 destinations in the United States. This situation makes it easy to listen to as many diverse people as possible. The artists had the opportunity to visit more areas, which is ideal for meeting individuals from different backgrounds. Levitt has covered over 100,000 miles in the buses. Over the years, he has been organizing concerts and shows to promote his series and share the stories of fellow Greyhound riders.

Adam Goldenberg: A Teenage Prodigy Turned Successful Internet Marketing Wizard

Los Angeles is famous for producing smart tech entrepreneurs. One of the sure success stories bears the name of the co-founder of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg. In the launching ceremony of the firm’s VIP membership fashion branch, the El-Segundo, he noted that this would be their most profitable year ever.

First Company

Adam Goldenberg got a lucky break in 1999 when he found a buyer for his Network Gamer’s Alliance software innovation. The buyer was Intermix Media. The deal earned him the prestigious title of being the world’s youngest COO of a publicly traded company. The growth trajectory of JustFab has been outstanding; its revenues are close to half a billion dollars annually, today.


The future looks bright, according to the sentiments of the investor, Adam Goldenberg. The company hopes to continue with the boisterous momentum of catering to the whims and the wants of the celebrities they style all over the globe on LinkedIn. More physical stores are still in the works too.

The Built in LA website recently interviewed Adam in LA magazine, and this is what he had to say about business and success. Asked about what founders stand to learn from his accomplishments, he had this to say. First, JustFab has always strived to pay particular attention to the metrics. Once they find an anomaly in their data or production, they quickly resort to undoing it. As an entrepreneur, you ought to have a transparent organization at

Customer Service

Adam Goldenberg claims that were it not for their efforts to curate info from their clients, JustFab would never have thrived. Feedback is paramount to helping you make prudent decisions moving forward. If your prices don’t auger well with the expectations of the consumers, try and find a way to revise them or face extinction.

Working at JustFab

The company is mostly interested in one particular attribute in a prospective employee: Passion. The co-CEO and his partners understand very well the role passion plays in molding a focused staff member on MatrixPartners. Once they have the focus, then nothing is out of their reach.

Staying Relevant

This firm is king when it comes to reinventing themselves to rhyme and match the changing trends in their clientele. To them, more emphasis is on the quality of goods sold than on the number of goods moved.

About Adam Goldenberg

The co-founder of JustFab lives in LA, California. In 2006 he founded Intelligent Beauty and is still the acting CEO. Adam serves on the board of the CrossCut Ventures Management as a lead advisor.

The internet marketing guru is the president of Brentwood Cosmetics. He has served as the president or Brentwood since 2004.

Full-Service Plumbing Assistance at Sunny Plumber

Sunny Plumber provides comprehensive installation, repair, and replacement services for residential and commercial properties. As a full-service plumbing contractor, Sunny Plumber is staffed to address any time of plumbing project.

Sunny Plumber is fully bonded, licensed, and insured. The company is committed to ensuring that its customers have only the best, most reliable and reputable service providers in the business.

As a general plumbing contractor, Sunny Plumber has associations with a wide range of specialists as well. This is particularly helpful when a home or business owner is involved in some type of remodeling endeavor. Of course, it is also important for new construction as well.

Sunny Plumber employs only the most skilled and experienced plumbing professionals. Every member of the team at Sunny Plumber is completely screened prior to hire. The pre-hire screening undertaken by Sunny Plumber includes a comprehensive background check and drug testing. Sunny Plumber understands that a plumbing professional coming into a home or business must be trustworthy and professional, and have the credentials to prove it.

Sunny Plumber has built a solid reputation in the community during its years in operation. Sunny Plumber has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau or BBB.

Each customer of Sunny Plumber is provided a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The professional team at Sunny Plumber works on a project, or problem, until it meets a customer’s needs, goals, and objectives. If for some reason the company somehow fails to meet a customer’s needs, Sunny Plumber provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all projects.

A home or business owner can’t plan for a plumbing emergency. A plumbing emergency not tended to promptly can have devastating and lasting consequences.

Sunny Plumber provides customers emergency plumbing residential and commercial plumbing emergency services around-the-clock, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. This includes major holidays. The team at Sunny Plumber is experienced and equipped to handle any type of plumbing emergency, in a either a residential or commercial setting. Sunny Plumber has a rapid response system in place to best ensure minimizing damage and other arising from any type of plumbing emergency.


Clay Siegall, In His Quest, To Eradicate Cancer

Clay Siegall helped create Seattle Genetics in 1998. In 2002, Clay Siegall became a resident member of Seattle Genetics. This is an institution whose role is to conduct cancer research. Taking the role of president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Directors of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is passionate enough to see to it that a cure for cancer is developed. His major operations are centered on cancer therapy; an activity meant to make ailing patients comfortable as they receive treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Clay Siegall has accomplished a lot as a scientist. For instance, he has a Ph.D. in genetics and a Bachelor’s of Science in zoology. In addition, he has been able to sharpen his skills as a research investigator, basically directing his energy to the development of the best drugs for cancer therapy. His love for people has compelled him to help alleviate the situation, especially for people suffering from cancer. It is under his leadership that Seattle Genetics has been able to come up with a variety of modern treatments.

Also, Clay has helped raise money for research through organizing charity events. To date, more than one point two million dollars have been raised for charity. Being a true people’s person, he has helped publish a number of articles; a move meant to keep other scientists updated on the progress made as regards to cancer research. This is because Clay Siegall believes that by sharing information, then more innovative scientists around the world might come up and develop a working treatment for cancer.

In addition, Clay Siegall’s leadership has enabled Seattle Genetics to enter into a number of strategic licenses, due to the spectacular nature of cancer research carried out in this institute. With these licenses in place, Seattle Genetics has been able to raise more than three hundred and fifty million dollars ever since he was inaugurated to run this institution.

It is his drive to help people that tremendous progress in Seattle Genetics has been realized. With Clay Siegall, the fight against cancer is real.